Crypto sports betting

So you want to bet on sports using cryptocurrency? Here is a list of some of the best crypto sports betting sites (Part 1).

If you are wondering how to bet on sports through crypto betting, the following list will give you some ideas.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



Bookmaker is one of the top-rated bitcoin gambling sites with live dealers available 24/7. As one of the best crypto sports betting sites, it offers betting markets for most major events, including all American sports like baseball, football, and basketball as well as soccer worldwide leagues along with other sporting events.

Bookmaker offers a 100% deposit welcome bonus of up to $1000 using Bitcoin or Litecoin as well as a 5% cashback for all deposits made using cryptocurrency. They have been in the business since 1998 and offer customer service 24/7 by email and telephone.

Since it’s an online bookmaker located in Malta under Maltese gambling laws, they accept US players.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



Betcoin is one of the rather few Bitcoin betting sites that offer bets for most major leagues and tournaments around the world, including football (soccer), basketball, tennis, hockey, and many more.

The interface is user-friendly and simple, so you won’t be lost at any time during your betting sessions. Betcoin accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin but does not accept US players due to US laws against online gaming.

You can choose between a range of options for placing your bets, from betting by odds, which is popular among European punters, to betting on a score or over/under type lines that are more common in American crypto sports betting sites.

Betcoin is about more than just Bitcoin betting since they accept Litecoin deposits as well! Being one of the few crypto betting sites with its cryptocurrency exchange, you can send Litecoins from your account directly to the site’s market where you can trade cryptocurrencies in real-time! You can then withdraw these for free back into your wallet while earnings made on odds movements are automatically credited to your account without fees.

This site is a popular bitcoin crypto betting site for many reasons. The main one is that you can choose from American or European odds types as well as the option to bet on over/under totals or even select your lines to place bets on. You can also join their affiliate program, which gives you a 1% bonus every time any of your ‘referred’ players make a deposit and bet with them!

Betcoin offers a 100% deposit welcome bonus of up to $2500 using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin as payment methods. You can withdraw earnings made from odds movements directly into your wallet without fees.

This site promises to be able to pay out your winnings in one hour or less, which is an attractive feature for those that want to bet frequently, especially for those doing it by bitcoin betting.

You can also make deposits using Litecoin or Dogecoin as well. They offer a 1 BTC risk-free first deposit bonus along with other bonuses that change every month. This sure is a most attractive service!.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



Bitcoinrush is one of the best crypto betting sites that accept both Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment options alongside US Dollars for placing bets on American sports events. Here you will find basketball, football (soccer), hockey, baseball, or tennis events to bet on. They also offer online casino games, regular online gambling, and poker tournaments for your entertainment pleasure.

One important fact to note is that Bitcoinrush is based out of Costa Rica, which means they are bound by the laws of this country. Sadly, this does mean that if you are located in one of these states where sports wagering is banned you will not be able to place any bets with them: Alabama, Alaska (unless you live within 100 miles of a Native American reservation), Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

Bitcoinrush has a large variety of betting markets that you can choose from to place wagers on. These include all the standard sports – basketball (college and NBA), baseball (MLB), football (NFL) as well as hockey (NHL), tennis, volleyball, golf, and boxing – not to mention their extensive list of special events.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



Bitcoingaming is one of our favorite sports crypto sports betting sites, offering Bitcoin and Litecoin as well as Dogecoin payment options for your convenience. Here you will be able to place bets on all major sports events including NBA, NHL, NFL, College Football, and college basketball.

This site has been around for several years now making them a trusted entity in the world of crypto sports betting sites. You can place bets here on all major sporting events like hockey, baseball, football games (soccer), and much more! They provide welcome bonuses when you sign-up for real money accounts that range from 100% up to 250 mBTC along with other promotions that change every month.

Their exchange services allow you to buy bitcoin using debit cards or credit cards while withdrawals can be made via wire transfer or SEPA bank transfers which take between 1-3 business days depending on your location. You can then use these funds to make wagers on nearly any sports event one could imagine!

This crypto betting site offers the option to deposit BTC, LTC, or DOGE for payment making it easier than ever before for fans of cryptocurrencies to place bets on both Bitcoin and sports events. You can even send Bitcoin directly from your wallet for sporting events instantly which is a wonderful service offered here!

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins

3/5 is one of our personal favorite Bitcoin betting sites since they have a range of options for betting including parlays and teasers along with your traditional single-game bets! You can also find over/under lines for sporting events here as well. Betting limits will vary depending on which event you want to bet on ranging from 1-100 BTC and beyond in some cases!

This bitcoin sportsbook has proven to be trustworthy in the past few years since its launch and we highly recommend their services when it comes to sports betting using Bitcoin betting or Litecoin! The odds switching feature only requires minutes before becoming activated after placing your sports bets, as crypto deposits or more classical form, which is an attractive feature that not many similar sites have to offer.

You can place wagers on nearly any major sporting event here if you are looking for more obscure leagues not listed in most other sportsbooks. They also offer bonuses for placing larger bets ranging from 100-1000 mBTC along with their regular welcome bonus of 100% up to 25 mBTC! Also, another great feature is the fact they do not charge fees if your winnings come from ‘odds movement’.

This was the fun part. Now some technical stuff. You gotta know what you are getting into before going from one crypto sportsbook to the next online sportsbook, start making crypto bets in crypto betting sites, or even playing regular casino games on online betting sites.

How do you acquire cryptocurrency?

Here’s where we dive into the deep end of the pool: it can be difficult and technical to acquire significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

If you were serious about this right at this moment, you could buy some from an exchange like Coinbase (in fact, they make it stupidly easy).

But as I mentioned earlier, you need a lot more than USD 20 to play around with significant risk; if your bet ends up on the wrong side of a high-profile event, you could lose half of your bankroll and that’s too much to risk.

Your best bet is to develop a relationship with an investor and convince them it’s worth their while to let you play around with some real money.

If they trust you enough, they might even give you tips about which events are likely to be “safe” bets and make it worth your while by sharing some helpful analysis.

Where can you do this?

Pretty much anywhere that accepts cryptocurrency as payment.

Keep in mind that most cryptocurrency transactions take time, so pick a betting site that has a good reputation and can get your bets in quickly.

It’s also important to pick a crypto betting sportsbook that is right for you, with nice welcome bonuses and competitive odds; if you’re looking for anonymity, then you’ll want to find somewhere like Carbon Sports (they accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero).

Why should I do this?

Do it for both sides: there’s something really exciting about betting on sports with cryptocurrency because it feels so futuristic! You might have been interested when someone first suggested making an account with Coinbase or putting PayPal into their PS4 account to buy games from the PlayStation Store online.

But when you make a bet with cryptocurrency in one of the many crypto sites in the market, it feels like you’re at the cusp of a huge paradigm shift in currency and finance – it’s one small step into the future!

Also, the more people start using cryptocurrency betting worldwide, the easier international peer-to-peer trading becomes across borders; wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a ticket from your friend from Australia, or Canada, or sell your old video games to your cousin from Canada, or Australia, without needing to deal with conversion rates?

What about sports betting apps for this stuff?

There are several apps out there that let you bet on sports using Bitcoin but most of them are… not that good. They give terrible odds, they take forever to process bets, and they have low limits (lower limits than their fiat counterparts, anyway).

You can expect all of those to improve as cryptocurrency betting and Bitcoin betting sites become more popular – but right now, they’re just not worth it.

As always, don’t take our word for it, do your research.

How much do you want to bet?

There’s a ton of information that goes into making good bets: the odds, the form (i.e., how well an athlete or team has been doing recently), injuries and suspensions, weather conditions, pitch quality/size/condition, etc.

If I had to guess at some preliminary numbers for what people should be betting on average per event, I’d say USD 100 is probably safe enough around 85% of the time. It will take practice figuring out which types of sports are riskier than others.

There’s a lot of crossover between betting and trading – both require that you put in the time to study and develop your knowledge and instincts, but only one of them lets you double down on your bets…

… and which one is that? Yeah, you guessed it right.

A final word: cryptocurrency is not very beginner-friendly right now; there’s a big learning curve because it’s so different from what we’re used to. But as I hope I’ve demonstrated here, it beats using PayPal for sports betting – hopefully soon it’ll be as easy as logging into an app and making a quick deposit!

Where to do it: best bets for cryptocurrency sports betting (Part 2)

There are a significant number of betting sites that will let you bet using cryptocurrencies. Some of them may be better than others, though. The following is a shortlist of some of the best crypto betting websites places to bet with cryptocurrency on sports at this point.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



This site lets users bet on just about every sport imaginable. It has been around for years and offers plenty of odds at very competitive levels. It also allows deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin as well as Litecoin, Peercoin, NXT, Blackcoin, Dash, CloakCoin, Ether Classic, Dogecoin, GridCoin, Namecoin, Nubits, Novacoin, PotCoin, and Vericoin.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins


This new site is very simple and easy to use, plus it has a low 1% juice on bets. It currently supports the same currencies as the other site listed here, but there may be more being added in the future.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



This is an older sportsbook that has been around since 2013. It recently had a major update with a complete rebranding and offers some of the best odds in the industry. Overall, BetChain is a great choice if you want to bet using a crypto bet due to its historic reliability and good odds for many different bets offered.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



Reliable cryptocurrency sports betting system with lots of games played per day along with plenty of bonuses and promotions for all users, including those using digital currencies.

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins



A new cryptocurrency betting site that is focused on being mobile-friendly.

Why use cryptocurrencies for sports betting?

There are several reasons why you might want to look into using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for your sports betting needs.

  • The first reason is that it has become easier than ever before, due to the emergence of crypto betting websites like the ones listed above. This means there are no more transferring money through banks or Western Union or dealing with credit card companies and their fees.

You can transfer funds with cryptocurrency at a very low cost, which is part of the allure behind the crypto market growing popularity in general as well as with bettors looking for alternative ways to fund their online sports betting accounts.

  • Second, cryptocurrencies are not regulated by any government, which might make some people feel more comfortable about betting on sports with it.

In addition, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are one of the most secure in existence due to its decentralized nature.

This ensures your funds are safe from being stolen or confiscated by any third party who has no right to them.

  • Finally, there have been many positive signs that governments may be opening up to allowing sports betting with cryptocurrency at some point shortly.

If you want to bet on sports using cryptocurrency, then it may be best to start doing so now before it becomes more mainstream.

In conclusion...

Using cryptocurrencies for sports betting has never been easier thanks to the increasing acceptance of these digital currencies in online sportsbooks. This article lists a few of the most trusted sites offering cryptocurrency bets and explains why using cryptos is an excellent choice over traditional methods.

Pros of Crypto Betting Sites

  • The current fiat currency is not a future-only digital currency; cryptocurrency will be a shrewd money alternative for 2021
  • You could exchange Crypto without intermediaries. You do not have to worry about the payment gateway at all. You are keeping the traditional banking system in the loop in a bad way
  • You can experience complete privacy unless you want to talk about your hobby
  • If you bet on standard betting sites with fiat currency, you will deprive your investment potential
  • When using cryptocurrencies on an online site the value of the crypto tokens you have, increases. No one has such service in traditional betting sites. The most suitable online betting websites are designed to suit the modern user

With all that in mind, there is a question you might want to ask…

How can I win more with crypto sports betting?

Sometimes people think tips can help them win more. There should be a little luck and a casino based solely on evidence of fair game rules. Especially cryptocurrency betting services generally offer more bonuses and privileges to their players.

Yes, it is true.

Blockchain technology has enabled cryptocurrency betting to become more advanced than before. The user has an attractive amount of benefits that can be achieved with cryptocurrency services or sportsbooks.

First of all, the blockchain-based system provides anonymity and transparency for both players and game makers, which guarantees fair game rules at all times (anonymous betting, here we come!).

Users will also experience much higher betting limits thanks to cryptocurrencies; they are not bound by country regulations or their local bank’s policies.

Do we bet you’d like to hear another advantage thanks to blockchain technology?

Well, when using this type of crypto sports betting site players can make deposits in any desired currency (fiat money). Lastly, when transferring funds between users there are no fees applied because transactions are free.

How do I deposit cryptocurrency?

Some crypto sportsbooks provide instructions on how to deposit with cryptocurrency. The players can make an online transaction by using the cryptocurrency wallet or a different cryptocurrency. They also send money to the address offered or via a QR code.

If you play at one of the betting sites that use cryptocurrencies, then you must first open an account and specify a cryptocurrency wallet address where the casino will send your winnings. After this, select the currency for which you’re going to make a deposit or withdrawal. Then choose any of several payment methods available, such as crypto-wallets or bank cards/credit cards.

In most cases, once the transaction has been completed successfully, players receive an e-mail confirmation from both their email client and from the selected service offering them access to their wallet or a bank card/credit card, depending on the selected method of payment.

Betting sites that accept BTC or other cryptocurrencies use this kind of payment method to fully protect their players from cheating.

It is impossible to tamper with transactions made using blockchain technology. As soon as a transaction is carried out on blockchain, it cannot be changed by anyone at all. In addition to protecting you from cheaters, this type of payment makes interactions faster and more secure.

A casino accepting cryptocurrencies operates very similarly to any other online casino accepting fiat currencies except for the fact that deposits and withdrawals occur via cryptocurrency instead of fiat bank transfer.

What is the difference between the blockchain and other payment systems?

Some users are surprised by the fact that one should keep their cryptocurrency wallet when playing at betting sites accepting BTC or other cryptocurrencies.

The difference between this kind of payout system and classic payment methods (credit cards, bank transfers) is that players do not need to create any accounts on third-party websites.

Instead, they can carry out transactions directly using wallets controlled exclusively by them. This gives players full control over their winnings without requiring them to share any sensitive financial data with the chosen payment processor.

When a casino accepts cryptocurrencies, it means that all crypto deposits and crypto withdrawals occur via cryptocurrency instead of fiat bank transfer.

Cryptocurrency seems like such a risky investment to make... How can we be sure of the security level of these betting sites?

The main purpose of cryptocurrencies is to eliminate financial authorities and banks from online transactions. They enabled direct payments between players and casinos without relying on reputation or trust.

This type of system has become possible thanks to blockchain technology, which ensures secure transactions on the internet between crypto-wallets. Of course, when dealing with money, it is better to trust professionals.

However, there are cryptographic protocols that protect from hacking or phishing attacks, which means that you can blindly trust the majority of casinos accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

What makes cryptocurrency unique is its decentralization.

This means that nobody can scam you if they want to transfer your winnings into their crypto-wallet because the transaction must be verified by all network nodes before it can be permanently added to the blockchain. In this way, identity theft and confiscation become almost impossible.

I've heard something about memberships at these casinos... what do I need them for?

Some users see no point in obtaining a cashback or VIP status at a casino accepting BTC or other cryptocurrencies. After all, why would anyone spend their cryptocurrency on something that can be bought with fiat currencies?

Well, there are certain benefits to becoming a member of these casinos.

First of all, players can receive an unlimited number of bonuses, and bitcoin bonuses, starting from the moment they join the loyalty program.

Furthermore, users possessing high-level memberships often have access to exclusive and regular promotions.

Another benefit is that players who deposit large amounts of money are more likely to get better rates on their transactions, which means they will eventually recover their investment.

How trustworthy are these betting sites?

The best way to avoid being deceived is to choose a reliable provider. It is always better to gamble at trusted online casinos with positive reviews from thousands of users than at dubious betting sites full of unsubstantiated promises.

There are plenty of reliable websites that accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

To make things clearer:

The first step towards becoming a responsible cryptocurrency user is not trusting strangers on the internet with your money!

The majority of players think that cryptocurrencies are ideal for gambling in sports, especially online.

The truth is that they can be used in more than one way to enjoy the benefits of an entertaining activity such as betting.

More often than not, crypto-casinos offer better odds on certain types of bets – it’s up to you to choose the right platform and do your research.

All in all, there is no real difference between using BTC and other cryptocurrencies and any other internet wallet when playing at an online casino; we still recommend trusting established betting sites serving thousands of users.

As with anything else having to do with digital currencies, due diligence is required before committing to anything.

Stick with reputable gambling sites.

That way, you will be able to have fun without worrying too much about security. However, it is worth remembering that any transactions with cryptocurrency are irreversible once they are confirmed in the blockchain so you should always double-check everything before sending your funds to anyone.

As cryptocurrencies gain legitimacy all over the world, more and more players turn towards the best crypto sports betting sites.

Their number will only continue growing until every online casino accepts cryptos.

This might happen sooner than many people think!.

It’s safe to say that online sportsbooks accepting cryptocurrency are still in their infancy when compared with other types of betting exchanges, but there are plenty around already owing to the crypto-fueled gaming revolution.

The best example is BetKing, which gained instant popularity among users.

There are certainly far fewer options as far as cryptocurrency casinos go, but it is a rapidly growing niche. The golden rule still applies: you should only play at casinos with proven reputations and track records.

Do online casinos accept only Bitcoin?

There are several different types of cryptocurrencies, but the most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Players can use any of these cryptocurrencies to make deposits or withdrawals at online casinos that accept cryptocurrency for play.

Are there any casinos that accept cryptocurrency?

There is an ever-increasing number of bettors using cryptocurrency for their wagering needs because it offers them both convenience and anonymity. So yes, the number of casinos accepting cryptocurrency is growing… rapidly.

A short reason why is that happening is that a lot of people enjoy making their deposits or withdrawals in crypto at online casinos because they consider it less hassle than traditional methods like using credit cards or wire transfers.

It’s also anonymous so some players may feel more comfortable using cryptocurrency at online casinos.

What about any obstacles to depositing and withdrawing with cryptocurrencies?

There are three main issues: price volatility, transaction times, and transaction fees.

Due to the nature of crypto transactions, they can take a long time to process especially if there is a lot of activity on the blockchain network; this may end up costing bettors a large amount in transaction fees even if their deposits or withdrawals were small.

In addition, due to price fluctuations, it’s not guaranteed that your deposit will stay as valuable as the fiat currency you deposited so you could lose money from paying those hefty transaction fees.

Let's elaborate more on those issues...

For example, let’s say you made a $100 deposit. As the price of your cryptocurrency changes, so too will the fiat value of that deposit. If the price rises, it could be worth more; if it drops in value, however, it can become worth less than what you initially would have received had you cashed out your deposit rather than deposited it.


We’ll use Litecoin for this one because its transactions typically only take about 2 minutes (compared to more than 30 minutes for some other cryptocurrencies). Right now 1 Litecoin is worth around $200 and there is a fee of $0.25 to deposit and $0.25 to withdraw at this online casino.

If you deposited your Litecoin for play, let’s say it stayed stable in value so when you cashed out your winnings they were still worth the equivalent of $200.

However, if you hadn’t cashed out but rather had left your $100 deposit in the system along with thousands of others it could have taken hours for blockchain transactions to process.

Not only did you risk losing money because of price fluctuations during this time, but transaction fees were still charged every time another player made a deposit or withdrawal while yours was waiting to process.

Basically, the higher the traffic on a blockchain network, the more likely it is that players will be waiting longer to have their deposits or withdrawals processed because there are so many transactions going through at once.

Once your deposit finally gets processed, you might lose money from those fees if the price of your cryptocurrency has changed since making your deposit.

Is using cryptocurrency a good idea otherwise?


Although cryptocurrencies aren’t as common as other methods at online casinos yet just like with fiat currency deposits and withdrawals can take several days sometimes to process due to high demand which means those hefty transaction fees could still apply.

Players who enjoy playing just as much as they do waiting around should know that crypto transactions typically get processed much faster than other methods. In addition, using cryptocurrency offers a lot of benefits for players who want to bet anonymously and keep their finances secure.

Anonymity: number one advantage.

To start, many of the best crypto sports betting sites only ask for the bare minimum personal information from players. You don’t have to worry about providing or verifying your credit card number or bank account which means that anyone who has access to your casino account won’t be able to see sensitive information like this.

Some cryptocurrencies offer high levels of anonymity so it may be easier for players who want privacy while playing online to use them since they can easily avoid disclosing financial information such as billing addresses and phone numbers.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency is just as easy as depositing it too, without the risk of your sensitive financial information being intercepted.

All these facts are good, but is there any drawback to using cryptocurrency?

The biggest advantage for players who want to bet with Bitcoin in a bitcoin sportsbook or another type of cryptocurrency is that they don’t have to pay high transaction fees.

However, transaction fees are very low compared to other methods so even though paying them can be annoying it won’t eat into player winnings the same way other deposit types do.

If you make a normal debit card deposit, the fee will usually range from 3-5%. That means if you put in $100 and cash out your winnings, your actual payout could end up being less than the initial sum you deposited.

Is that different when using cryptocurrency?

No, because in addition to any small fees that might be charged by the casino, standard transaction fees from a 3rd party payment processor could also apply.

Fees are typically very low but can increase depending on traffic levels so if you’re okay with accepting them it won’t matter whether a deposit is made using fiat currency or a cryptocurrency.

Are there any other differences between deposits and withdrawals at an online casino?

In general, gambling sites have pretty similar withdrawal times for both cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc. However, some casinos will process these types of transactions much faster.

If you’re fine waiting a few days to a week then the difference in withdrawal times probably won’t matter much to you.

In general, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more accepted at online casinos and the gambling industry as time goes on. Back in 2015, it was predicted that casinos using Bitcoin would double by 2016.

However, things don’t always go according to plan so keep an eye out for information about your favorite casino accepting cryptocurrency before making a deposit just to make sure they’re still doing it.

Remember that depositing or withdrawing with cryptocurrency can be a great way to save some money on transaction fees while betting on sports online.

So, with all the above taken into account, what are our thoughts on crypto sports betting?

Crypto sports betting is a great idea, and I encourage everyone to try it.

There are many reasons why crypto sports bets are good: they allow people to bet in small amounts, they provide anonymity by allowing users to make payments without revealing too much of their identity, they are worldwide and allow access to markets that would otherwise be unavailable, the sites often have good odds because of lower overheads, and transactions can be confirmed in seconds rather than days.

As you can see, there are many reasons to try crypto sports betting – if you do so, I hope that you will enjoy it!


Have fun!


Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer digital asset that can be exchanged through the internet. At its core, it’s built upon blockchain technology, which means transactions are transparent and immutable.

There are many types of cryptocurrencies available today, but Bitcoin was one of the first and remains the most popular.

I’m glad you asked. You see, there’s something called cryptography that makes everything secure on the internet.

Think about an email address vs a physical home address; if Bob sends Alice an email at “”, Alice can easily see where the email was sent from. But if Bob sends Alice an email at “”, Alice has no idea which house on the street belongs to Bob without asking around first (or better yet, seeing a mailman deliver it).

In this analogy, Bitcoin is like and your home address is the public key associated with that address.

Now let’s say you want to send someone money using those addresses instead of sending an email message about it – how do we make sure only they get it?

Well, people have been struggling with that problem for a long time now since the invention of money, ever since Rome became a superpower in 200 BCE and started expanding their empire.

With Bitcoin, it works by generating a specific code or “key” for every address that corresponds to the number of funds available in each account and then only allows people with the correct key (i.e., a secret password like an email) to access those funds.

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider betting with cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency.

First, cryptocurrencies offer a much higher level of anonymity and security than traditional banking methods. This is because banks require identification information and other personal details in order to process transactions, whereas cryptocurrencies allow you to remain completely anonymous.

Second, the value of cryptocurrencies tends to be much more stable than the value of fiat currencies. This is because the supply of cryptocurrencies is fixed, whereas the supply of fiat currencies can be changed by central banks. As a result, you can be sure that the value of your cryptocurrency bets will not fluctuate as wildly as the value of traditional bets.

Finally, using cryptocurrencies to place bets is just more fun.

Most sportsbooks allow you to bet on cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, but if you insist on betting directly in crypto there are a few options available. For example, Coinbet24 allows users to bet using Bitcoin with no added transaction fees.

As for what you can bet on, that depends on the sportsbook. Generally speaking, you can bet on pretty much anything, from who will win a particular match to how many goals will be scored. You can even bet on things like whether or not a certain player will be sent off during the game.

There are countless sportsbooks that allow you to bet in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), which you can find with a quick Google search. Many of the best ones will even give you free money when you sign up, so be sure to check them out!

There’s no set amount, and it really depends on the sportsbook you’re using. Some sportsbooks require a minimum bet of just a few cents, while others have much higher minimums. As for how much you should invest, that’s up to you.  takeaways from reading this

Just remember that like any other investment, there is always risk involved so try not to invest more than you can afford to lose.