Best crypto betting sites

Crypto betting is a growing industry. As the world becomes more interconnected, so do the people using it. The online gambling market has continued to grow for years now and has gotten to the point where there are hundreds of sites accepting bets made entirely with virtual currencies. This is all thanks to blockchain technology’s ability to provide secure transactions without having to rely on a centralized institution.

Here is a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency betting sites:


  1. Fairlay – Fairlay was one of the first companies to introduce Bitcoin betting back in 2013 and has been improving ever since. Their unique platform allows you to place bets on anything from presidential elections to sports games or even reality TV shows like American Idol using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.
  2. BitStarz – This innovative gaming company is known for its huge welcome bonuses that can reach up to 3,000 EUR or 5 BTC depending on the size of your first deposit.
  3. NitrogenSports – This is a great betting site that accepts only Bitcoins. With its sleek interface and excellent odds, this site has become one of the most popular ones out there, especially among high rollers.
  4. BetChain – Another premier cryptocurrency gambling site, BetChain offers over 300 games including slots, live dealers, video poker, and many more.
  5. JoyCasino – One of our all-time favorite crypto casinos is also one of the fastest-growing online gaming sites out there today. They’re famous for their user-friendly interface which allows players to choose between five different languages along with innovative bonus programs.
  6. UpHold – Our biggest suggestion for US citizens looking to try their luck with crypto betting, UpHold is a fully licensed and regulated casino that accepts US players.
  7. FortuneJack – With over 400 games to choose from along with some of the highest betting limits available online today, FortuneJack is another one of our favorites.
  8. CryptoSportz – As the name suggests, this site offers both sports betting as well as esports wagering opportunities. Our favorite feature at this site is their unique trading market which allows you to bet on just about anything using cryptocurrencies only.
  9. Bitcasino – A veteran in the world of cryptocurrency gambling, BitCasino has been around for four years now offering up an impressive selection of virtual currencies including Litecoin, BTC, and Dash.
  10. BetChain Casino – One of the largest online casino platforms out there today, BetChain has become one of our all-time favorite cryptocurrency betting sites. Their homepage features some of the best odds in the industry and an excellent support team which makes them even more appealing.

Top 5 crypto betting sites


Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins


Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins

Up to 6BTC or $1200 Welcome offer +250 free spins

Pros of crypto betting in a nutshell

  • Anonymous bank transfers, so no risk of exposure
  • Near instantaneous transactions
  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals. So you can get $100 in your wallet and withdraw it all within an hour (depending on the currency) while only spending cents in transaction fees

This is especially important with high volume currencies like bitcoin because they frequently reach their max block size limit which means that transactions will take hours to confirm or won’t even go through at all until you pay more in fee; something which defeats the purpose of using crypto since fiat does this much better anyway – but you want to be aware of these things before comparing like for like.

  • Spend crypto on anything crypto-related, not just on a betting site
  • Most currencies are more like investment opportunities and you can convert any currency back and forth to any other (the conversion fees will start adding up though, but it won’t be much).

People should not convert the money they’ll need in their everyday lives into crypto if they aren’t familiar with how to do it securely.

  • Transfer at the minimal transaction fee
  • Near-instant transactions (1-2 mins)
  • Anonymous – no bank or credit card info needed
  • Crypto wallets can come preinstalled on your phone. If you lose your device, access to that wallet is gone too

In other words, when you put more bets on red, the system pretends it has less money so all reds occur more frequently.

  • You don’t need a bank account or credit card. You can bet completely anonymously without any chance of anyone finding out about it
  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals
  • Instant transactions – available immediately after being sent, so you don’t have to wait 3 days for your deposit to “clear”
  • You are in control of your own money because you never have to give passwords or bank account numbers to anyone. Plus, no one controls the supply

That’s why we don’t recommend transferring big sums of money onto these devices and suggest using them only for gambling purposes.

  • You can deposit only the money you want to gamble with
  • Fair, decentralized software that cannot be manipulated by anyone because there are no middlemen involved in any of your transactions
  • Decentralized games provide much better odds because they’re not affected by market issues like having a whale come in and clean out everyone’s bankrolls since the house will always adjust itself according to what is being wagered, rather than what is available in its coffers at the time.

The supply is limited and decreases with time (mining), unlike fiat currencies like USD where large sums of money can be printed in an instant by a central authority whenever they want to dilute its value; something we’ve seen happens many times throughout history when there were different political regimes in power…

Remember! Fiat currency has zero intrinsic value beyond what is given to it by the free market and yet its value can be manipulated easily which makes it a very risky investment.

  • Transparent systems – games are auditable by anyone
  • No one controls or manipulates supply – only users control supply through mining
  • Highly secure from outside attack because there is nothing to take down

The system runs on millions of devices around the world, which means shutting them all down would not be possible unless nearly every device was taken offline at once (unlikely) or one entity had a majority of nodes under their control (unlikely).

This also means no one can take your funds unless they access your private key, which is why it’s so important to encrypt them well.

With all the previous information in your hands, there’s only one question left to ask, isn’t it?.



Advantages of a Crypto Betting Site over a normal gambling site

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency on the market and you’ll find good Bitcoin bonuses at cryptocurrency betting sites. Online sportsbooks also enjoy lower fees provided by bitcoin.

It’s a less strict requirement as a player to disclose private information.

This includes bitcoin bonuses, based on Bitcoin’s exchange rates of exchanged currency notes. It is often available for sports bettors with a wide choice of offers.

These crypto betting websites have sometimes tournaments and missions in which Bitcoin may pay off in large part. You find many other cryptocurrency bonus programs available on almost every crypto betting site.

Crypto betting: exciting times ahead

Crypto betting has swiftly become one of the most rewarding forms of betting online. Here, we’ll be exploring some of the benefits of making a bet with cryptocurrencies on betting sites and why they’re likely to be widely adopted in the betting sites industry over the coming months and years.

Why use cryptocurrency for betting?

While credit card charges, bank transfers, cheques, and other traditional payment methods are effective ways of making payments, they come with certain caveats.

  • Credit card charges are often high, especially if you’re making international transfers
  • Bank transfers take time to process, meaning the bet won’t be confirmed until hours after the event has started
  • Cheques can take up to 20 days to process which is far too slow if you’re looking for a quick payout

In contrast, cryptocurrency payments are processed in minutes, which means you can receive your winnings within a matter of hours instead of days. 

In addition to being far faster than traditional payment methods, they’re also cheaper and have lower fees associated with them.

The speed factor

This is important when it comes to making bets on the outcome of sporting events. Imagine you want to make a bet on the winner of tonight’s Champions League match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, but have to wait for 20 days for your money to be transferred back.

Using crypto betting allows you to remain anonymous when making a transaction. This may not mean much for bets of a few pounds, or dollars, or euros, but if you’re a high roller betting on the outcome of major events over hundreds of thousands of whichever currency, anonymity is something worth having.

In addition to speed and anonymity, cryptocurrencies allow for more transparency on the part of operators, as transactions are publicly viewable on blockchains. 

As such, they’re perfect for use on dice sites, which are often accused of not being provably fair.

How to use cryptocurrency for betting?

When it comes to using cryptocurrencies for making online bets, the process isn’t too complicated. You simply need to sign up at one of the many different betting sites that accept this form of payment, determine your crypto deposits, enter the address of your wallet in the required field, and you’re good to go.

The process is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to get straight down to business on any betting site that takes your fancy without having to jump through hoops or wait for third parties involved in the transfer of funds.

Why are cryptocurrencies so popular?

Several factors have contributed to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies.

  • The first is the extreme volatility associated with these currencies, which makes them a popular way to bet on short-term events, such as fluctuations in sports results or prices in financial markets. 

In addition to this, altcoins offer a way for high rollers to make bets without having to pay extortionate taxes, as is the case with a fiat currency.

  • The second factor is accessibility. Thanks to apps like Coinbase and SpectroCoin, buying cryptocurrencies has become incredibly easy, with most major exchanges available on mobile devices.
  • The final factor contributing to their rise is security; cryptocurrencies are harder for hackers to penetrate than traditional payment methods which means your money is more likely to remain safe when betting this way.

Where can I find cryptocurrency betting sites?

There are hundreds of different crypto casinos where you can make bets using cryptocurrencies. 

Some of the best crypto betting sites include Yobetit, Agora Games, 1xBit, Crypto-Games, Bitz, FortuneJack, BetChain, 247BET, Bitcasino, Bethereum, CryptoCurrencySports,, Usechainbet.

Why are cryptocurrencies considered the future of gambling sites?

Right now there are probably thousands of different cryptocurrencies available, with more being created every single day. They offer a range of options for payments that fiat currencies simply can’t offer due to their limited number.

They also make it easy for anyone around the world to make use of cryptocurrency betting sites at any time without having to worry about fees or waiting times associated with bank transfers or other traditional methods of payment. 

Finally, the increased security surrounding cryptocurrencies is ensuring more and more people are making bets using these currencies as they feel their money is safer this way.

In short, cryptocurrencies have numerous benefits for those who want to use them on sportsbooks or other betting platforms, making them a strong contender to replace fiat currencies altogether shortly.

Crypto betting: Why cryptocurrencies are the future of betting online

Crypto betting, crypto gambling sites, cryptocurrencies, and betting online are terms that might sound complicated to some but they are very simple concepts.

Allow me to explain…

Crypto bettors use these virtual currencies to place bets with bookmakers who have started accepting cryptocurrency deposits. This allows crypto bettors to have an account with these bookmakers and play betting games just like they would usually do, only that now they are using cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currency.

Online betting is what online gamblers use to describe casino games or sports bets that are placed on betting sites over the internet. It gives you the chance to place bets from your own home, usually on your desktop computer or smartphone.

Crypto bettors use cryptocurrencies to bet like this in a crypto betting site because they do not trust traditional financial institutions (like banks) to place their money in online bookies.

After all, they might run away with the funds; yes, it has happened.

They, therefore, prefer to store their money in cryptocurrencies built on blockchains that are transparent, meaning that they can see what happens with their funds at all times.

Hence, crypto betting.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts: a few words on that

Blockchain technology is popularly known for its connection with cryptocurrencies but it has so much more potential than just being a way to store money. It can also be used to transfer data securely between two parties without having to trust a third party and is, in fact, the technology behind smart contracts.

A smart contract is a computer protocol that facilitates, verifies, or enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract. It can help with betting online because it means two parties do not have to worry about another party not holding up their end of an agreement (for example, when a bookmaker does not payout) because the contract is in place to say that they will.

The best part about using cryptocurrency betting sites is that it takes seconds for you to sign up and start playing so if you are looking for new ways to have fun online or even make some money then this might be just what you are looking for!

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin, you can get more advantages with the decentralized currency because there’s no government control. It operates by way of blockchain technology. 

These are essentially databases that collect and store information electronically over the internet. 

Activists involved in mining Bitcoin can’t determine which payments are coming from you which means less rejection. 

If sports betting, internet gaming or betting crypto are the best betting method then there are many payment methods to choose from which cryptocurrency is the latest. 

There is Bitcoin, yes. But what about the other cryptocurrencies?

Litecoin (LTC)

The best known is most likely Litecoin (LTC) because it has lower fees than all other cryptocurrencies. You can expect funds within just one hour of betting. Some platforms allow for BTC to LTC exchanges, which means you will not have to know anything about crypto-currencies at all!.


There are different types of bonuses with lite coin. You will find most bonuses based on LTC with sports betting, but gambling sites’ crypto bonuses offers are also available for Litecoin holders! 

Dogecoin is another popular cryptocurrency that has its place in top online casinos. It has a fast processing time of just one minute and very low fees involved. Dogecoin rates depend on the market so you’ll find different betting options such as Doge/USD, Doge/EUR, and Doge/BTC. 

Novacoin (NVC)

As with Bitcoin, you will find bonuses for DOGE offered in the best crypto betting websites.

Do not forget about Novacoin (NVC) which also has a steady position in the market and they offer fast deposit and withdrawal times. It is a secure platform and you will find good bonus options for it on most crypto betting sites. 

Peercoin (PPC)

Another option, Peercoin (PPC) has the same low fees but with the advantage of being very secure. You can expect quick deposits and withdrawals with this cryptocurrency too.

Ethereum, Monero, or Dash?

There are also welcome bonuses at most online casinos that accept Peercoin, as well as in crypto betting sites. 

There are also other cryptocurrencies that you can meet at online casinos or betting sites, but they are not as popular as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. They include Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), and Dash (DASH). 

All of them have specific bonuses and offers at the cryptocurrency betting site which you can discover easily. 

You should know that there is a habit of all cryptocurrencies going up and down in their value. This is due to market fluctuations. 

Do not worry, you will still be able to withdraw the same amount as you’ve put in. It is just a matter of working with specific currencies!

Why Bitcoin and crypto are becoming increasingly prominent in the gambling business

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and crypto betting have had a huge impact on the traditional crypto betting sites market, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

There are many reasons why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will revolutionize the betting sites world and change the way we interact with bookmakers forever. 

One of the biggest issues with traditional gambling sites is that they charge massive fees, but cryptocurrencies can offer a much more competitive edge by introducing blockchain technology. 

Crypto bets are fast enough to allow for real-time betting where users can quickly bet, get their winnings, and cash out whenever they like. It’s also much more secure than using a centralized sportsbook where your money could be frozen. 

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies continue to grow and become more adaptable, they’ll likely begin completely replacing traditional sportsbooks to offer a better user experience. Gambling sites will evolve into cryptocurrency betting sites with casino games.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of online betting

Betting online is an industry that thrives on convenience. It has become far easier to place a bet online on your favorite betting sites rather than doing it over the phone or even in person because now people can use their smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops to wager on virtually any event that takes place anywhere in the world. 

Despite all of this convenience online bookmakers are still behind the times because of one major factor: crypto betting.

Cryptocurrencies are based entirely on encryption technology

This means that it’s extremely difficult to hack into someone’s account and steal their money, making them perfect for online crypto transactions. 

The problem is that cryptocurrencies aren’t being used by online bettors yet but entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of this fact. 

For example, there is Coingaming Group which is in the process of developing an e-sports platform that will accept cryptocurrencies, with plans for it to go live later this year.

Despite the infancy of cryptocurrencies in this field, this doesn’t mean they haven’t had any impact. There are already a few online sportsbooks and casinos which allow bitcoin betting.

Those who do take advantage of this benefit stand to get access to better odds, competitive odds, than they would at traditional bookmakers because it puts them ahead of the pack when it comes to paying out winnings. 

The one big advantage that crypto betting has

It allows people to play anonymous betting which can help sportsbooks market their brands more easily. This means they don’t have to check the creditworthiness of any customer which helps them avoid spending money on identifying and verifying them. 

This is part of the reason why cryptocurrencies are ideal for betting operators and betting sites alike, while it’s also great for punters because they can access an extensive list of sportsbooks while avoiding credit card charges that usually result in fees.

Online betting sites which accept cryptocurrencies are slowly gaining traction but there aren’t many yet, and even less pure crypto sites.

Even so, the rise of crypto betting is only just beginning and it’s likely to revolutionize the industry in the future.

Cryptocurrencies are secure and contactless

Crypto betting is a growing industry with people getting more and more on sports, games, and other events. With the popularity of online gaming, everything from sports betting to casinos, blockchain technology seems like a natural choice for betting sites platforms. 

Blockchain forms the backbone of cryptocurrency, which means that cryptocurrencies are secure and contactless. With this in mind, cryptocurrencies are the future of betting online, and more than a few crypto betting sites already accept many of these currencies.

Using Bitcoin as an example it is a digital currency that can be used to gamble or buy things from around the world. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that no one single bank or authority holds control of it. 

This ensures security and privacy because all transactions are recorded on a public ledger called a blockchain, with copies being shared across a network of computers so they cannot be tampered with. 

Once a transaction is verified by the network, it becomes a part of a block and can never be changed or deleted by anyone. People who run nodes to verify transactions get paid out in coins for their work. 

This is how new bitcoins are minted and inflation occurs. 

People cannot fake bitcoins because it would require hacking into computers on the network to change transaction information, something that is almost impossible because of cryptography. 

Enough with technicality. Let’s get down to brass.

How cryptocurrency will change your online gambling experience

Gambling sites, crypto casinos, and gambling in general pockets over $60 billion every year on sports alone. Despite its size, it’s still very much in its infancy when compared to other industries which have already adapted to accept cryptocurrency payments. 

This means that there are huge opportunities for any betting site that does decide to start accepting crypto, both in terms of customer acquisition and improving their margins by reducing third-party processing fees. 

There are many benefits to using cryptocurrencies for your betting transactions, including cutting out payment processing times, reducing your exposure to chargebacks, and of course cutting down on transaction fees. 

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular all over the world as more sites begin accepting them as a payment option, with many people considering them to be the future of online gambling. 

The main benefit of using cryptocurrencies for your transactions is that they never go through a third party, meaning you can bet from anywhere in the world without any restrictions or withdrawal limits imposed by financial institutions. 

This also reduces transaction fees considerably when compared to traditional banking methods. 

Where can I bet with crypto?

The rise of cryptocurrencies follows growth in sports betting too. The first online betting sites appeared on the internet over 20 years ago, and now it’s a global industry with billions of dollars being bet each year. 

But it’s not without its problems…

One problem is the payment processing

Most traditional payment methods are extremely slow, especially international bank transfers that can take days to arrive. And when you withdraw your winnings, they can take even longer! 

But cryptocurrencies are fast. 

Really fast. 

So it’s no wonder many bookies have started accepting them for deposits and payouts instead of the usual bank transfers.

And then there’s privacy too…

You may have noticed that traditional betting sites ask for a lot of information, especially if you want to withdraw. That’s because they have to follow strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws that help prevent crime. 

But cryptocurrencies are anonymous by default.

So it makes sense that people around the world are now using cryptocurrencies for betting, instead of traditional payment methods. It’s quicker, cheaper, and that anonymity is a real winner!

Who wants to give all their personal information away just to bet? Not me. And the crypto sportsbooks know they’re onto a good thing too – especially with those eye-watering bonuses for new customers!

Among all the places that are out there, this one is worth mentioning:


It was one of the first sites to use cryptos, particularly for sports betting. If you want to get on board with it early, once enough people have adapted and demand outweighs supply, then check out NitrogenSports’ cryptocurrency sportsbook where you can bet using BTC, LTC, and DOGE or a range of different altcoins. 

You’ll not only receive a 50% bonus up to 0.033BTC when signing up there but also be part of this exciting new step in online gambling history!

Why should you care about crypto betting when talking about cryptocurrencies?

You might be surprised, but it makes a lot of sense even if you’re not into betting or cryptocurrencies at all. Betting has always been closely tied to currency usage in many ways.

Scores of cryptocurrencies have poured into the market in recent years, but only a handful are widely accepted and functional. 

The most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was created in 2009 by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Why you should be using cryptocurrency betting sites

  • So what are cryptocurrencies anyway

    Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies based on cryptography techniques that ensure the security of peer-to-peer transactions made with these virtual coins. 

Cryptocurrency betting is becoming increasingly popular

There’s no reason to believe it won’t become even more popular than it is already for example when taking into account that last year alone the industry grew by over 7% worldwide. 

Since cryptocurrencies are here to stay, they might be an excellent addition to your arsenal of payment methods if you’re planning on joining this growing trend yourself. Here are some benefits that could make cryptocurrencies worth adding to your list of payment options for betting online:

1. Decentralized currency. There is no need for a central authority to validate them because the system runs on millions of devices around the world, making it virtually impossible to shut down. 

This also means an entity cannot take your funds unless they access your private key.

2. Transparency and privacy.

3. Smart contracts. Thanks to the blockchain, you can very simply transfer funds between users or exchange them with other currencies without any intermediaries. 

This makes transactions much more reliable and secure, as well as much cheaper compared to traditional banking.

4. Security.

6. No processing fees, hidden charges, or deposit withdrawal limitations imposed by traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.

7. Governing bodies have no control over cryptocurrencies, meaning they cannot be shut down arbitrarily by a third party at their discretion. 

They also allow people from “unbanked” countries to easily access the financial system without requiring them to rely on banks or other traditional institutions that could potentially take advantage of them instead of helping them out and profiting together as mutually beneficial partners. 

Transactions are extremely fast and convenient

In conclusion…

You might be wondering if the benefits listed above are enough to convince you to start using cryptocurrency betting. 

We are not going to lie – it’s not as easy as some other payment methods, especially since there isn’t a large supply of businesses out there that accept them yet. 

On the other hand, they do solve a lot of problems and make life easier in many ways. Perhaps their biggest plus is that they aren’t controlled by third parties who could shut down your account without warning. 

If you’re planning on placing your first crypto bet anytime soon, you’d be smart to do your research about the different cryptocurrencies available first before choosing one that fits your needs best. 

Cryptocurrencies have a bright future ahead of them, and the potential impact they could have on many industries, especially online betting is huge. 

It would be a shame if you didn’t at least give them a try just because it might seem overwhelming or you’re unsure where to start. All in all, it’s a promising development that could very well change the way we use the currency.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot right now and see for yourself just how easy and exciting this whole new concept is! 

Just a little reminder and we can not stress this enough: please do your research before making any financial decisions based on the information you read online (or anywhere for that matter). 


Betting with cryptocurrencies means that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located. The money will be deposited directly into your bank account without having to pay any commission to a middleman.

In addition, transactions using cryptocurrencies cannot be reversed once they have been sent which makes them immune to chargebacks. This can make a big difference when you want to gamble online. Do due diligence and pick a trustworthy operator, though!

You can’t go wrong with Ethereum. It has by far the best development community and ecosystem out of all other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is also faster than Bitcoin, which makes it a better choice for e-commerce applications such as online gambling

It depends on what cryptocurrency you use and where you’re betting. Online sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrency usually allow you to deposit and withdraw it as fiat currency, so you can use a cryptocurrency wallet linked to your credit card. Check the terms of your preferred bookmaker for more information.

You can also bet on casino games online with crypto by directly depositing into the casino’s digital wallet. The process may vary slightly between casinos, but usually, this is what you have to do:

1. Go to the casino’s website and click on the deposit button in the cashier section, which will take you to a wallet list where you can choose to fund your account with cryptocurrency.

2. Select the cryptocurrency of your choice.

3. You’ll be given wallet addresses to send your deposit to. Once you send the money, just wait for the casino to process it and credit your account. Then you can bet on casino games online with crypto!

While gambling with cryptocurrencies has some advantages, they can also come with higher risks than other online casinos. Many things influence this decision – but there are two main factors that I want to focus on today:

  • Difficulty establishing trust – Why? Because it’s difficult to find a reliable online gambling site accepting cryptocurrencies. This is mainly due to the limited regulations, lack of market maturity, and because cryptocurrency transactions are still fairly difficult for most people. But there has been some real progress over the past couple of years. 
  • Cryptocurrency transaction speed – Why? Because cryptocurrency transactions take time to settle, and there’s a risk of volatility at the exchange rate between the cryptocurrency you used for your deposit, and the fiat currency that you’ll use to fund your account. This can be a real problem if it turns out that crypto gambling is not as safe as you thought it was, and you had to withdraw your winnings very fast.

In the most basic sense, it is legal for users to bet with cryptocurrencies. As more and more individuals look at digital currencies as possible investments – which they are in some cases – it becomes even easier for those same investors to spend money on betting opportunities.

This is because both cryptocurrencies and betting are broad enough to encompass a wide variety of transactions.

This is, of course, a wide question with even a wider answer. Why? because there are as many answers as countries out there, each one with its legal system,

If betting online with cryptocurrency is not legal, or entirely legal, in your country, fire up your favorite search engine and find a country where it is legal. As easy as that.

Remember, as with almost everything, research is the key.